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    2010 - 03.27

    We are highly complex beings and are so much more than the physical body we care for. Within us is the integration of our physical anatomy, organs, systems and glands that work in conjunction with spiritual anatomy what actually brings our life force and the way we act and react to the world into being. Our spiritual anatomy works as an overlay, director, and liaison to our physical apparatus we call the physical body, the mental body, and the emotional body. Our thoughts, emotions, and our brains operating system are all a collective part of the whole, and our spirit and soul is the conductor of our total well-being. Those with heightened conscious awareness can tune into the spiritual anatomy of an individual to help dissolve an imbalance and resolve a natural state of harmony and well-being over every aspect of life and living. Note: While this is not a total list of our spiritual anatomy, this is a list that Rainbow Institute teaches about and works with on a regular basis.

    The Chakra System

    The Major Body Chakras:
    The chakra system that integrates within the physical body can be defined as vital energy centers. There are 7 major chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head centered on the spinal column; these chakras unite spirit, soul and body in the functioning of physical existence. There are many more major chakras but they are not physically connected to the spinal column however they do interact with an individual on many important levels.

    The Minor Body Chakras:
    There are also many minor chakras that overlay organs, systems, and glands to enhance functioning. A specific set of minor chakras help to keep the bodies major chakras aligned with the spinal column and in balance on each side of the body so energy can be fluid and balanced, 2 at the temple, 2 at the shoulders, one on each hand, 2 at the hips, 2 at the knees, one on each foot. The way the major and these minor chakras interact with one another helps to maintain balance in posture, yin/yang, and assists in the strengthening of flow within the major systems on both a spiritual and physical level.

    Ascension Chakras: There are many chakras to our existence. The chakras that operate outside of the physical body align a person to their higher self, all kingdom’s including the angelic kingdom, the universal life force, all that is, and the oneness of all being. The ascension chakras ultimately keep one aligned with the Supreme Being and the Christed dynamic, which fortify s the soul on a body level and allows a higher, purer form of co-creation into the reality of each person. Ascension Chakras are also sometimes referred to as Triads and Monads. In advancing ones Spiritual Geometry Ascension Chakras begin to manifest and overlay the physical body

    The Aura

    The most simplified aspect of your the Spiritual Anatomy is the human energy field, the Aura, which is a field of color and vibration surrounding the physical body. The aura holds patterns, energy, and information. The colors and formation of the aura change with mood, experience, and can shift quite often. In a healed evolved state the aura looks much like an orb, full, round, vibrant field surrounding the physical body full of color and vibration and definition. Most people today do not have a fully evolved auric field and have a huge opportunity to define their aura.

    The Emotional Body

    Emotional Body is one of the overlays to the physical body and has a huge impact on how we are able to experience, manifest, and stand firmly in the NOW. The emotional body when balanced is fluid and continually moving, experiencing and propagating present time experiences. While developing our spiritual advancement balancing the emotional body is a fruitful key in our evolutionary process and a major factor in structuring well being. The emotional body is part of ones yin dynamic and is most often referenced with the second chakra. It is magnetic and attractive to the experiences we allow for ourselves. When the emotional body is balanced it feels safe to open the heart, it shifts out of empathy and healer of the outside world into creative expression of the essence of the individual and allows one to become creator of their world in a joyful state of well being.

    The Mental Body

    The esoteric understanding of the brain and the mental body is fantastic. Spiritual awakening begins when one steps outside of the analytical confines of brain patterning because spirit can not be perceived as logic. In esoterical understanding of the brain we activate a higher form of genetics, awaken the 6th chakra, the higher mind, and begin re patterning the hypothalamus and center inside of the pituitary for an overall sense of well being. We begin assuring the lymbic system and reptilian mind of celebration resting the fears of the small self and step outside of the ego control over the thought centers and allow the spirit to take over the function of mental conceptualization. With this one can open their full spectrum within the playing field of limitless possibilities. The mental body gives off waves of energy electrical in nature, in synchronicity with the emotional body the mental/emotional emanation combined are the electromagnetic dynamic which effectuates harmony and balance of ones causal body.

    The Causal Body

    The Causal Body is a key component to ones ability to “dimensionalize” or to manifest and bring about change. It is the liaison and caveat between thought form, emotional form and physical material form. When a human being is consciously living they are very aware of nurturing their casual body and work in a spiritual practice to maintain it in a state of well being. When a human being is not aware of their energy, or consciously living the causal body drops into the unconscious and is sometimes called “The Shadow” (See Carl Jung), “Pain Body” (see Eckart Tolle), “The Dark Side”. Within a balanced spiritual practice the causal body is a key component in turning ones concepts into material manifestation delightfully. In an imbalanced practice one would blame the world around them for that which is experienced and not take responsibility for how they contribute to or manifest the experience.

    The Inner Child

    Rainbow Institute and Cynthia decided to Include the Inner Child as part of ones Spiritual Anatomy due to our findings and experience. The Inner Child, The Magical Self is a key component to actualizing a shift from the third dimensional reality, the world of density, into a fifth dimensional reality, a Heaven on Earth. A happy inner child versed in play is a major component in ones evolution, transformation, and healing.

    The Endocrine System

    The endocrine system is the bodies physical system for well being. Once one enters into the realm of spiritual awakening the endocrine system has a huge opportunity to transform and evolve from being aligned with the noise of mental emotional stimuli of the ego’s fear and focus of the outside world into the calm self reflective stimulation of the higher vibrational energy centers . The endocrine system then is able to receive the full nourishment permitted by the I Am Presence of the spiritual body and is able to increase its capacity to serve the total self in the state its best suited for which is calm, granting the assurance of well being . The endocrine system when balanced allow the body to thrive. It is most responsive to sound therapy, touch therapy, and soothing experiences such as massage, vacation, meditation, yoga, ti-chi and those things individually enjoyed such as playing golf or a participating in an activity that is relaxing, soothing and subtle in movement.

    The Vibrational Energy Centers

    The Vibration energy centers are evolved centers aligned with the emotional body, that begin being activated once one awaken spiritually. The vibrational energy centers are of frequency and sound. These centers in awakened individuals allow for harmony, experience without reactivity and are much stronger than the chakra systems in directing fluidity and flow within the body. The vibrational energy centers awaken when the emotional body is balanced and fluid and are the gateway to building the light body or the transformation into “Homo-Luminous”

    The Luminous Energy Field

    The luminous energy field of our being looks a bit like a Taurus spiral and when imprint free is responsible for the fortification and strength of our aura, and the fortification of our being. The luminous energy body is also noted as our dream body and overlays our auric field. There are also luminous fibers that run throughout our system in a vertical manner, like the threads of fabric. Working with the luminous body increases vitality, well-being and your ability to manifest your dreams.

    “The Shamanic Center, The Dantien, gateway of life force energy”

    This center known as the original gateway is located just below the naval and in the human energy field is our center of gravity and power. It is where we are the center of our universe. This center gives us structure, balance in the body and empowerment. When fortified it minimizes and can diminish flight and fight within the body. Balancing this center helps one to be centered and grounded and in command of their reality in a peaceful calm way. This center is also the balance center of ones inner yin/yang within the body.

    The Meridian System

    The meridians are points and channels of the subtle body within the human body that flow qu (chi) life force energy. There are 12 main meridians in the body that correspond to organs, systems, and glands. The meridians also correspond to the five elements of our Earth (Fire, Water, Metal, Air, and Earth) which also make up our periodic table. Each system has two polarities which are yin/yang, female/masculine in nature and act much like the Earths ley lines in the human body. The meridian system is about how the body’s physical systems flows and interacts functionally with the body’s subtle systems bridging flow in communication of the spiritual and the physical anatomy.

    The Light Body

    The light body is part of your evolutionary body. It is the combination of your sacred geometric form, your psychical and ethereal spiritual anatomy and the advancement of your consciousness without density. Your light body is devoid of the carbon based mechanic and includes the transition to crystalline mental, emotional, and physical formation. Transforming a carbon based body mechanic into a crystalline based geometry is natural, and physically possible with fortifying tools.

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